Children Programming Excavator Toy APP Control


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  1. Material: plastic, electronic components
  2. Weight: about 1000g/set
  3. Size: the assembled car is about 26.5×20.5×10.1 cm
  4. Function: mobile phone APP programming, control, gravity sensor control, etc.
  5. Power supply: the motor contains 500mAh batteries, and the remote control needs to prepare 2 1.5V AAA batteries
  6. Control mode: remote control mode, music mode, driving mode, path mode, voice recognition

BC-09 Children Programming Engineering Vehicle Excavator Toy APP Remote Control Technology Building Blocks.

1. Dual remote control mode, mobile phone or tablet download APP control, 2.4G band remote control for long-distance remote control
2. It is easy to control through the APP, use the graphical interface to combine a variety of instructions, the engineering vehicle will make corresponding actions according to the programming instructions
3. A variety of control modes, you can control the action of the engineering vehicle through the APP, and the control is simple
4. One-handed operation can swing left and right, and the car will rotate with it, which is convenient and simple
5. Path mode, use the mobile phone APP to open the path mode, draw the walking track, the car will walk according to the drawn track
6. Gravity sensing driving operation
7. Use the mobile phone APP voice mode, according to the operation requirements, send voice operation instructions, the car will quickly recognize and complete the operation instructions
8. High-precision building block parts are tightly connected by mechanical transmission structure
9. Dual-motor drive system power, multi-module expansion, high-precision direction control
10. Independent 2.4GHz high-frequency remote control, agile control, the remote control distance of about 20 meters
11. Push the telescopic rod, the boom can be raised and lowered, multiple joints, free extension
12. The gimbal can be rotated 360 degrees manually
13. The crawler can be operated by remote control and APP

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